The Long Awaited SemBreak

Well. Well. Well.

It has been a long time, isn’t it? Yes indeed. And yeah~ I miss this… blogging. I mean I can blog through this past few days, weeks but it’s just that my laziness attacks me and when I’m really feeling industrious and all, I’ve got something to do for school. It’s amazing that this semester was really a busy one. But anyways, my semester is done and I’m on a break officially starting today. So I think I’ll be back. At least my Daily ME would.

So what am I planning this sembreak? Hmmm… Let’s see. I’ve actually listed some of the things that I’ve been wanting to do when I got a break. This is during the times that deadlines are coming in and my mind is working double time.

First, sleep. Sleep is part of the physiological needs Maslow mentioned in his hierarchy of needs (applying my psychology thingy, ey?). Well, it’s nothing unusual for a college student to be deprived of such. Since I was a high school student, I am deprived of sleep. But I got worse during college. I would stay up until 4AM, only sleeping ‘cause I know my parents would soon wake up. Then at 5, I would get up and prepare for my 7AM class which during Tuesdays and Fridays, ends until 7PM and during Wednesdays and Saturdays ends up at 5:30PM. But of course, my day doesn’t end there. Usually, my travel time to home is around one hour. Then I’ll have my dinner and some chores for another hour. Then rest for a while and some me time for another one hour. Then that’s the time I could and would start my school stuff. But usually, I start them at midnight because that’s when everything is peaceful around my house. No noise coming from the drama my mother watches online. No nagging. No commands or whatever. Just me in the midnight. And my dim light. Plus my mind’s really better functioning during those times, which shouldn’t be cause it should be having a rest already but it’s working better those times so yeah~ And since there’s nothing to do this semester but to be at home and do my sembreak goals, sleep is a good thing to do.

Second, blog. Yup. Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this blog post, I miss blogging and I want to do it again since it’s been a while since I’ve done it. There’s just so many things I want to say that my mouth and tongue and my vocal cords can’t do. So I write them down. It’s a good thing I have my diary. But the thing is I hate writing… by pen. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I think I did, but I’m a slow writer… by pen. So I prefer typing rather than writing by pen. My pen just can’t handle my trail of thoughts. I’m just writing my first thought when my mind is already having its fifth. So since I’m very free already and no school works to think about when I’m in front of my computer, I’m blogging… again. Yeah~ I think that made sense. Whatever.

Third, study Photoshop. I’ve wanting to learn how to do it. I’m just editing pictures through Pixlr or whatever online editing website. But obviously, the editing they could do is limited. But they are easy to understand compared to Photoshop. There are just so many things in the Photoshop I can’t understand. But since it is my sembreak, I’m going to study it. I’m even planning to look for A Complete Idiot’s Guide for Photoshop or whatever guide there is. I just want to learn. And you know because of that, I’m not sure if I should just have taken IT or whatever computer related course. I mean, my classmates call me an IT Department personnel ‘cause I know so much about the computer when actually I just know better than they do but I’m not that great. But I love doing stuff in the net or the computer. Anyways… I want to study Photoshop this sembreak. Oh! What version of Photoshop do you recommend… if ever there’s someone reading this post… and knows Photoshop… or something like that?

Fourth, diet. Yeah~ I’ve been going through this all this time and still I’m having it now. Well, I have to be serious. My friends and I got into this arrangement that when the next semester starts, we should be thinner than how we are before last semester ended. So I’ve got to do some effort. I even bought a hoola hoop. You know, the type that is specifically for trimming all those fats in your tummy. That kind of thingy. Yeah~ I just wish I could really do it and not make these empty words.

Fifth! Well basically, the fifth one is just simple things. Some catching up in my sites. Fixing some rooms. Fixing my everything. Just some catch up I can’t really do while having classes.

And I think that’s it! I’m not sure if that’s IT it, but as of now, that’s just what I have in my mind. Too much goals and I can’t really do anything anymore. Even one. So I think that’s enough. And having said that, I think this post is also enough. Till next post~



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