No to Food!

Of course, I’ll still be eating. I would die in a few days if I don’t do so. But I’ll be on diet already. And this time, I’m serious.

I’ve had a good diet before that I lost some weight. That was for a play in one of my subjects. But after the thing, I slowly went back to being the eating monster. Thus, making me gain weight again and have that freaking hateful muffin top.

I recently bought clothes that were just fine with me. But it will look a lot better if I wouldn’t have that muffin top. And I’m planning to wear those clothes in a trip to Subic in courtesy of one of my subjects. I want to look fab, so I’ll start dieting again. I know I have planned this so many times already but this time I’m really really very really serious about it. I’ve placed notes saying a big “NO!” in places that I could acquire food. I’ve already made it to the point to my parents that I am indeed in diet (and I hope they would cooperate). I will formally start by tomorrow but I’m kind of starting a bit by tonight.

So in this one month that I have to diet so intensely, please wish me all the luck. I could do it! Hwaiting to me! AJA!


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