The Child in Me

No. There’s no child in me anymore. If there is, she’s hiding. Or sleeping. Or whatever. It’s just hard for you to see it in me. And it’s hard for me to show it too. For some reason, it seems to be gone. No kid Jala anymore. No child in me.

I had this conversation in my Facebook with a friend of mine. He started it with a sticker of a minion. And me, being as mischievous as I could be, I also replied with a sticker of a minion. Then he replied the same way and the minion sticker conversation went on and on until he broke it, telling me that I’ve been fond of the minions. I told him, I’m not. I haven’t even watched the movie. He told I should have watched it. I lost half of my life if I haven’t. I joked that since I haven’t, I already lost all of my life. He told me the same thing before with Lion King. And since I lost half of my life for not watching Lion King and another half for not watching Despicable Me (1 and 2), I already lost all of it. That’s the time he told me to bring out the child in me. It strikes me. The child in me? Is it still inside me? Where is it? There’s no more. I honestly told him that there’s no more. It was lost since I decided to study. Since the time I study, I have been focused in studying and studying only. Playing comes the least priority. Grades must be high and to be proud of. If there’s a child in me, well, apparently, it doesn’t really show up. He told me to he’ll help in “waking up” the child in me. I didn’t reply anymore since I’m busy studying too.

Since that conversation, I have been thinking if the child in me still exists. I think it does. But it’s just on a very long hiatus. Like, it’s really inactive. Maybe it wants to wake up but the present me doesn’t allow. Haaay~



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