My Dentist is Good

Yup. She is. She’s good and she’s kind. From the time that she placed my braces, I’ve already seen changes even though it’s only around two months! Besides that, she explains things to me. Why did she put the rubber this way? Or why did she do this? or that? She explains it all to me. That’s why I could even explain to my friends how everything is in my braces. I know and I see what’s happening.

I realized this when the patient before didn’t continue with her plan on putting braces. She is complaining of things. She said if it’s fine not to remove some tooth because she just wanted to fix some parts at the front. My dentist said that if she didn’t remove a tooth in each side, the rest of the teeth won’t move and putting braces would just be a display or accessory. I agree with what she is saying since I think it’s just right to remove some teeth so that there would be place for rest of the teeth to move. And I personally could say that it is effective since I’m feeling the space where the removed teeth was decreases. Thus, my teeth is moving. And I could see that. I know, feel and see that it is moving. So I think my dentist is good. The patient before me just can’t think that. So yeah~

All I wanna say is… think! You can’t say no to things that you haven’t really thought about. But you can’t also say yes just because you want to. In short, decisions needs thinking. And since I’ve really thought and thought of my decision of having braces with that dentist, I achieved what I wanted.



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