Korean Food Fest

No. There’s actually no fest. It’s just me. And my love for Korean food. :D

At our school, there’s this Korean stall where there are Korean ice creams, Korean drinks and Korean food. And the me, who so loves anything Korean, went to buy there. Well, it’s just normal of course – only if I spent some of my money. But I didn’t. I spent Php150 for it! Just for food! I hate spending since I need to save but I ignored it since I love the eating part.

I bought a cup of ramen, the spiciest of what’s in the stall, a roll of kimbap and a can of soda. All for 150. If it wasn’t that cold during that time, I would still have bought ice cream. And that would be around 50 which wil make my expenses for food almost 200. Gosh! My ego can’t handle my Korean id sometimes! Hahaha! And as a result, I should be really saving for the next few days. I can’t go spending all of my allowance. I still have things to buy! TT,TT


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