The Story Behind the Logo

So yeah~ I do have a logo now! Whooo!!! *insert clapping crowd sfx!*

logoYep. That is the logo. Familiar? Or looks like something? My friends told me that it looks like a torii (Japanese ancient gates…). Even though I’m not that attached to anything Japanese as how I am with Korea, I accepted it like that. Well, how did it arrived to something like that? Here…

So my blog’s url, as you have noticed, is “”. Well, of course, not exactly whatever. It’s just the url I always use in my sites. So in my logo, there is a “=” and a “JL” that is derived from my url. It would be pretty obvious. And that’s it! So I combined it and it came to that! And that’s it! I first made it handwritten but had a hard time putting it in a picture that is actually good in the picture. Of course, I could take pictures of it but it won’t look that good. So I made that! And that’s really it! Hahaha!

Every post will have that as my signature. And that logo is MINE!!! *insert thunders and evil laugh!* Bwahahahahahahaha!!!



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