The SO Unproductive First Day of July

Yep. First day and it’s already very unproductive. I didn’t do anything today except slack off and just watch videos instead of studying or doing assignments or project or whatever. I’ve been like this these past few days. I told myself I would like to change and go back to the routine I had during the first days of classes. The type in which when I come home, the first thing I would think of is do my assignments. I would like that. But I’m becoming lazy. I told myself that since it’s the first day of July, I would be nice to have a good start where I would be doing things I should be doing, doing things toward the goals I’ve set. But what? Nothing! I just slacked off! Bad start! I HAVE TO CHANGE!!!

And oh! IiiiiiiiIIIiiiiIIIiiiiiiiiimmmm baaaaaaaaack! Well, as if it’s a big deal. I’ve skipped many days not posting anything. But it’s a good thing I’m back. I haven’t posted anything for a while and I’m really missing it. I’m not sure if I could still do the other parts of my blog but I would be trying. The least I could do is post something for everyday. Besides, writing is good (even though I’m typing… TEEHEE!).



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