Envy? Jealous? Insecure.

Yes. I envy this person. I’m also jealous. But more so, I’m insecure. It’s what makes me envy and jealous this person.

So I have this friend and she became successful in being thinner than what she is. I mean, she’s not fat but she’s quite chubby. And now, she lost that fatty tummy of hers. And me? Still there!

You know for females, generally, they care so much for they look. Weight, I think, is the most common concern for us. If we were naturally thin, we would hate how “bony” we look at ourselves. If we were naturally chubby, we would hate how “fat” we look. So we would be really happy to achieve the kind of body we wanted.

I mean, my friends tell me I’m fine. Yes, I agree with that. But there’s one part of the “chubby” thing I really hate. That is my tummy. My tummy is definitely not flat. It’s not too big too. But it’s still bulging when I sit or something like that. And there’s this fat at the back part that I really hate. I hate how fat it is. I’m fine with my arms and legs being big or chubby or whatever. The only thing I really really really care about is the tummy.

And my friend succeeded in making that flat. I envy her. I’m also jealous. And I’m definitely insecure.


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