Hair Fail

So, I told you before that I have colored my hair brown. Well, not all of it but there’s a part of it. But today, as I have decided yesterday, I would be coloring all of my hair. Of course, the same color as I already had. Plus, I will be putting a side bangs.

But everything failed.

Yeah~ I colored my hair but not all of it. There are parts, especially the back ones, that weren’t even touched by a little bit of the hair dye. So it’s still black. Fortunately, the one that is immediately seen and obvious part of my hair got the color it needs.

And the bangs. Gosh, the bangs! I have cut my bangs before to full bangs. You could say it was successful. As I was successful with my first attempt on cutting my bangs, I thought I would also be successful with this one. But I’m not. The side bangs is too short for side bangs. So to repair it, I cut it into full bangs. And it is a failure too. I cut it like 1cm too short. Now that’s the worst.

I don’t know what to do with it. I’ll be having my classes next week! What if it really looks weird and I’ll be having it?! I’m thinking of hair pins, but it’s not nice to look at with me. I’m thinking of head band. Yeah~ That’s the one. Haaaaay~ Why does this need to happen to me?!!!


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