I’m the good one…?

So I have a sister. An older one. And I think she’s also reading my blog so Imma be careful in writing this one. :D

Anyways… every time my sister goes home, her usual routine is that she’ll sleep or use the laptop. Then eat, sleep some more, wash, and sleep some more. The next, she’ll eat, wash the dishes (sometimes), use the laptop or sleep, eat, use the laptop or sleep, eat then leave. Yeah. I think it’s something like that.

My sister is not really living here with us. She lives in a dormitory and she just go home here with us once in a while. So basically, I’m the one left here, doing things, being with my parents, being the only child my parents could (almost) perfectly control. So I think my parents (especially my mother) are used to just having me around. Soooooo that means, I’m always the one told to do things around.

Just today, my mother just showered her (drum) bucketful of commands. And yeah. Most of it (I think) was done by me. You know, my sister is here~ Let her do some. That’s why there are times I tell my mother, “Here’s my sis. Let her.” It’s just tiring to be the only one your parents has their eyes on.

The truth is that I really want to go out of this house. Not just go out to buy or go somewhere then comeback immediately. Not like that. Like, I would be living in a dorm and I would learn things by my own like cooking or washing my clothes without feeling lazy and if I did, I would bring it to the laundry shop or something like that. You know, a typical kid who lives in a dormitory. I want to experience that.

But I can’t. That is because I remain to be (somehow) the good kid. Or rather, I remain to have no enough courage to be that rebellious to my parents. I’m not brave enough to do the things that I think I want to do. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad one but… yeah. Whatever. I would just continue looking at how miserable my life is. I would just continue to look at myself as if I’m imprisoned in this house.


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