The Konyo Me

I don’t when this started but when I’m talking, I just can’t stop myself to speak in English. There’s always an English word going out of my mouth. Why am I stopping it? You know, it’s not really bad to speak in English. Only that, in this country of mine, when you try to speak in English when everyone else is much more comfortable in speaking our native language, it’s kind of… they see you as someone “konyo” or feeling as if she’s a rich kid. Something like that.

With my former classmates, they would just talk comfortably in English because it’s a rule in our school. There’s this thing at school that says that our campus is an English-speaking campus. But the truth is seldom will you see or hear people speak in English. The Korean people would speak in English, if they talk to other people, Filipinos. But if among themselves, they would still speak in Korean. So they are only the people I would commonly hear speaking in English.

I have this set of friends in which they would go along my ride in speaking in English. When I started speaking the language and I would talk to them, they would respond in the same language and they are not really that force to do it. I mean, they are comfortable with it and we would be having fun even if we talk in this foreign language. It seems natural to them. Some would hear us and they would always say “Nose bleed!” I know it’s an expression but they’re old enough to learn to speak the language naturally. And I hate it when they do that. It makes us look someone who’s higher.

I grew up learning the language so I’m comfortable with it. And once I have started speaking with it, it’ll be a little bit difficult to suddenly go back to speaking my native language. It’s just… I don’t know. I’m comfortable with it.


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