Tried coloring my hair and…

…I love it! :D

I just have highlights and it was quite successful. Well, it’s better than the other one I bought. I actually bought two hair dye for me to try. I have the ash blonde and the chocolate brown. And the latter was the successful one. I like how it was done (I did it by myself, btw.) because the color is good. Although, I can’t seem to take a picture of it, it is visible to the naked eye. I am planning to color all of my hair with it so I’m thinking of buying another one. But that still remains as a thought. Anyway, for a first timer, I like how it went. :)

And oh! I used the Sasha Professional Hair Colorant Chocolate Brown. It’s not that expensive (that sounds better than calling it cheap) and effective. So I recommend those products. :)


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