3P’s an upright heart provides.

Scripture Reference: Psalm 32


being in accord with what is right

Pray and confess to the Lord the sins that we have done so that we’ll have a clean upright heart.

1. Power (v3-5)
With these sins in our hearts, we are weak, powerless. “my strength sapped as in the heat of summer” But when we give up all these sins to God, He will “forgave the guilt of my sin” and our hearts will be cleansed with His love. With weakness removed from us, we have power.

2. Protection (v6-7)
surely the rising of the mighty waters will not reach them.” (v6)
you will protect me from trouble” (v7)

3. Provision (v8-9)He will give us directions on what we are to do. He will instruct and guide us in our everyday of our lives.


…more of God’s Love.


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