I really hate mother’s day.

No. I didn’t have a fight with my mother. Well, yes, I did. But it’s already daily routine so nothing new! But what I hate is the event itself.

So it is the mothers’ day. And because it’s their day, you have to treat them special or something. And I don’t like that. I love my mom and I really liked (oh really? BIG NEWS!)how she trained me on some points (yeah~ ONLY some points). But I would always be on war with my mother, at least in my mind. That is the truth. I mean, there isn’t a day that I didn’t have a feeling of hate towards her, even a tiny bit. I’m sorry but it’s how I feel. And treating her special during these times just makes me… UGH! I can’t bear it. It’s totally being plastic! I’m already plastic enough at home and doing that will definitely turn me into a tupperware!

I’m not that kind of a child. There are a lot of things that goes on with my mind (which sometimes I put in this blog) that I can’t say freely and actually. And may I say to you that it is really a lot! Whenever a word is blurted out of anyone’s (Yes. Anyone. Not only my mother. Meaning, it’s everyone. But, it’s mostly my mother’s.) mouth, there are already responses in my mind. And most of the time, it just stays there. There are only veeeeeery few people in which makes those words in my mind come out of my mouth right when I thought of it.

Anyway, that is one of the reasons I’m on war with her in my mind. I am not freaking me. And because I’m always pretending or being this or this that is not the real me, sometimes, the fake me becomes the real me. And I fudging hate it. That’s why maybe she thinks that the me that she’s seeing is the real me because the true and genuine (Isn’t that the same? Or not? Whatever.) wasn’t ever shown to her.

So that’s why I hate mother’s days. It gives them impression that they have to be treated better because it’s their day. Kids have to act so lovingly to their mother. But I’m not like that. Never. I dont’ like it. I won’t like it. I effing don’t like it. How would you act so kind to the person that is the major contributor to you being imprisoned in this personality? I’m thankful to her and I love her. But I’m not expressive enough to make me act like other kids do to their moms. And I hate mother’s day… and being a tupperware!

I’m sorry.


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