Confusing Signals (Part 2)

Okay. This is the reason I’ve been spurting all this drama about me being insensitive. And now you will witness something much more dramatic that yesterday. Here it goes.

I have this male friend a.k.a. Nash. Nash and I became very close friends. We have things we agree in. Even those things we aren’t the same, we agree to disagree. In other words, we’re like super best friends. Well, maybe. I think. Anyway, because we were really close, people always say that we fit each other. They know that Nash and I had connections before but never really ended up being in a relationship. And we’re cool with that. We both knew we liked each other in the past and be cool with it and just let it as if it’s nothing and never talked about. We stayed friends, very good friends. During the time that it was revealed that we liked each other before (but not anymore… ?), he had a girlfriend. We both thought, Nash and I, that Nash and his girlfriend will last soooo long. That is why we never thought (or maybe I only did) that the “us” won’t ever work out and we will always stay as friends. But recently, they broke up.

It isn’t really a big deal with me. It’s his relationship, not mine. I just consoled him and such. It was nothing. They just broke up. We’re still friends (which is perfectly fine with me). But not until recently.

He PMed me through Facebook and we talked blah blah. Until it came to a point that we’re talking about HIS love life. And he said it isn’t YET a love story for he is YET to fall in love. According to him, he can’t YET ’cause he just broke up. To keep the conversation going, I asked who is this person! He said it’s someone really close to him that people notice it already. I asked for a clue, he said it’s already obvious but said it’s someone who has been an aquantance for this specific of time. I told him I’m not good at making guesses of who but deep inside me, I’m having an idea. I’ve thought of it and there are only two who passed the things he said. That is this another girl and me. I think this another girl has a boyfriend so I think she’s not it. That leaves the choice into me. I don’t want to think that it’s me. And it’s better not to think that it’s me. I’ll could be disappointed if I expect unlike if I didn’t, I’ll just stay as I was. No hard feelings.

You see! I’m so insensitive. Maybe he’s already telling me it’s me. But what if it’s not me and he’s just telling me this just because. I don’t know. I just don’t want to be disappointed. Better be called insensitve. (But I really want to understand what he’s saying! Is it ME?!)


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