Don’t compare. We’re different.

Just a while ago, my mother just compared me (well, not only me but also my neighbor’s kid) to their generation, once again. I hate it when they do that. I became more in the negative side when they do that. Instead of using that to change, I’ll get worse. Fine! If you say so, then I’ll be one! I’ll be this girl whom you have so many negative opinions with.

It’s the effect of bein compare to me. The point is THAT is YOUR generation and THIS is MY generation. There are a lot, no, loooaaads of things that aren’t in YOUR generation that is in MY generation and there are also things that are in YOUR generation that is not in MY generation. That only made a LOT of differences already. You can make someone from my generation to be somehow like your generation but I assure you that kid, once experienced how most of the things that my generation experiences, will have a difficult time going completely back to his old self. Look at yourself! Even you changed!

Wooo~ All I am saying is don’t compare. There are a lot of changes that happened between those generations and it changed the present generation in a way that’ll make different from yours (that’s redundant). And comparing with that kind of logic will never be effective in disciplining someone in my generation. Never. So don’t do that. Really. Never do that again. Never.


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