Preparations for Election 2013 (Part 2)

I’m a first time voter so everything is new to me. And being a first time voter, I want the candidates that will receive my votes to be worthy of it. That is why, along with other first time voters and even those who are not, let us be prepared and vote wisely for Election 2013.
So the Commission of Election (COMELEC) has provided voters the information they will be needing. Check out their site HERE and know what you need to know.Upon opening the site, they will show you how many days before the election is. As of now, it’s April 22, 21 days before Election 2013.

Then, press the [X] button in the upper right corner of that box and you are officially on the site of COMELEC. There are many features in it. You can even see what visitor no. you are. But, I’ll teach where you basically need to go to know things around. You could explore around the site but I’ll be just teaching you the basics.

Okay. In the left side of the page, there is this notebook-style paper and there are buttons in it. The first thing you need to know is the your precinct. Why? The first thing you will do in the election is to find your precinct because you cannot vote at any other precinct. Your name will only be found in that precinct. You could find your precinct in the place you are voting in but that will take time to find. Save time. It’s gold. So click the box with the “Precinct Finder” in it.

When you’ve done that, there will be an introduction about the precinct finder. Read them, if you want or if you’re industrious enough. Above and below the text, there are two boxes saying “Precinct Finder Tips” and “Precinct Finder Form”. It’s good to read the tips but if you’re rushing around, go with the latter one. Then, you will see this…

Fill it up then click Search then OK. Then you will see the voter information, registration details (where you could find your precinct) and your ID printing details. Everything is there.

After knowing your precinct, find the candidates for your town. To do that, the notebook style paper is still there on the left side of the page. Now click the Ballot Templates.

It will show the regions of the Philippines. Click your region, there will be a drop down then click the place you are registered in. Then a pdf file will open showing a sample ballot for your town. It includes the local and national candidates.

Upon knowing the candidates, you can know investigate them if they are worthy of your vote. Around tomorrow or the next day, I will be publishing another post that features Senatorial Candidates. Then the next days or so, the party lists and local candidates. Please look forward to it! Vote wisely! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


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