Those Dreams…

I just woke up. And I had a dream. And I hate those kind of dreams!

So here’s the thing. We’re at home. But as I recall it, it somehow changed but some features look as it is. Anyway, there were zombies. Not the already-buried-but-just-came-out-with-decays-and-worms-on-the-body-zombie. They just look like cold dead bodies that are moving just like alive ones do. But they are definitely dead. So I remember really killing the one zombie. Then there’s this one that’s already zombie-dead but he still moves. So we tried to stab it just like how we did to that first zombie. But it won’t zombie-die. So it started moving again toward me because I’m the nearest since I’m the one who tried to zombie-kill it. Then I was trying to run away but it looks that I’m really weak. Then I woke up! Thank God I woke up! My heart was literally beating fast when I woke up. I feel so weak.

I hate those dreams!


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