Stop everything but that!

You may tell me to stop using the television, stop eating, stop studying, stop dreaming, stop lying around, stop talking but not stop using the freaking computer!!!

Yes. The computer is my friend. Or the laptop. Or any of those two. Even though there is no internet connection, it’s fine with me (but of course, it would be better if there is). As long as I have the laptop, it’s fine with me. Tell me to do this or that. I’ll do it. But when you stopped me using the laptop? No mister. That is unforgivable.

You see… The laptop is my outlet. Basically, writing is my outlet. But since I’m lazy to write, I type it. And it makes me express things better rather than using pen and paper. I could say or do or whatever I need in the laptop. It lightens my heart. It’s the friend I don’t could always go to. It’s the only thing that knows me best. Well, of course, it doesn’t really know me. But it’s the only thing in this world that I could open up to. There would always be a protective wall in me that no one could enter but with the laptop, I could do things in the wall. It’s the only thing I let inside the wall. Are you getting what I mean? Just… Yeah~ Something like that.


Saying something?

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