The Search for my Braces

No. I don’t have braces yet. But I’ll have one. But not yet now. It’s the only thing I’ve asked of my parents for my 18th birthday, which is kind of special since it’s my debut birthday but I’m only asking that because I thought it would be really expensive. I did not ask for any other. No parties. No other gifts. Only that, thinking that it would cost a lot. But not anymore. Because I’ve searched places just to find this one dentist who’s doesn’t care for money but for service. Yeah~

No. That’s not my braces. That’s from Tumblr.

So my friend just got braces too and her dentist is kind. Not caring much for the money. So she just give what the patient really need and no unnecessary things anymore. So I decided to have it there already. The dentists in my town offers it at aroung 40K but this one is only 25K. But since my lower teeth were fine, I’ll only put at my upper teeth. That is only for 15K. So from 40 to 25 to 15K! How wonderful is that?

Because of that, I’m thinking of asking more. I originally asked for a Samsung Galaxy only for my 18th birthday. But then I realized I wanted braces and if I really want to get it, I have to ask it at this birthday. Asking for braces for my other birthdays would not be quite appropriate. Debut birthdays are a big thing for girls. Most ask for parties or such but since I don’t like that, I asked for others. Since having braces would be a big thing for my parents, it would be appropriate to ask them at this big occassion. It’s too heavy for a burden if I asked it at any other birthdays. So I asked them that, plus the camera. I really want a camera. I really do. But since I knew that braces are quite costly, I told them I’m fine with the braces ONLY. But when I knew that it would only take 15K, I was thinking of asking something else Think of it. 40 reduced to 25, a difference of 15K. Then that 25K was still reduced to 15K. From 40K, that a difference of 25K! That is 25K! I could buy five simple cameras with that! So I’m thinking of asking for a new phone. I actually lost my phone so I’m using my mother’s spare phone. And I’m not much liking it. There’s no mp3 player. Low pixel for camera. No memory card. All I could enjoy doing there is the free internet from Globe (Thank you Globe!) and Sudoku! So I wanted a new phone. One wih mp3 player, high pixel for camera, with memory card, and touch screen. Oh! By the way, I want something that doesn’t look like China phone. When you’ve encountered enough China phones and the real ones, you’ll know the difference. So meaning, I want the real thing. No fakes. But the problem is how I would say it to my parents. I wish they could feel that they could give something more since I’ve got a real good deal with the braces. How I wish!


2 thoughts on “The Search for my Braces

    • Well, I would really recommend you to look around your area first. Since the one I found is still in Dasmariñas, I still have to a looong way just to go there since I’m from Naic. But if in case, as I’ve said, it’s in Dasmariñas, Area J, somewhere in Brgy Emmanuel.

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