Super Fun Outing + Super Deppressing Sermon + Super Fun Adventure to Hospital

Lots of happening today, ey? :D


Super Fun Outing


So I had a blast! Even though there are down times (since some of my friends drank alcohol and smoked, which I really hate and makes me look completely diffently on that person, which in turn made me really disappointed), it was fun!

I really liked how my outfit went. The swim suit was great. And the tee I bought was also great! Although, the sunblock wasn’t that effective but it did it’s job. I wasn’t that dark but still I darkened. The shades was perfect. The money I spent was worth it. Even though we’re not that complete, it was fun. There was a videoke, lots of food and lots of fun. There’s only one problem, the dog “bites”. When I sit, it kind of hurts. There were bruises. Yeah~ But it was still fun! I never thought I could wear the swim suit confidently (even though there is always the shirt, still, it shows) and I liked it!

Only if the dog “bites” wasn’t there, I would have enjoyed it better. I even went home early to fix that stuff. I could have stayed and that would be so much fun! I like staying behind, mind you.


Super Depressing Sermon

As I have expected it, I got an unending sermon from my dearest mother. I didn’t even had to say my excuse. Never mind. I’m used to it. Then my father caled. It was always much better when I’m being scolded by my father. He always understands my situation. Haaaaay~

So yeah. I got scolded. But I’m used to it. Blah blah blah… In the end, I know my parents are just worried. If they turned calm after all the scolding (But you won’t know when the scolding will end. Only if she became calm already, then she’s done.) then she’s just worried. I’m a good kid. I only get scolded a few times. If I do, I know the reason and I intended it to be like that. xD

But what? In the end, I was sent to the hospital, got my shots then I’m fine! I’m okay! I’m even happy I went to the hospital! :D


Super Fun Adventure to Hospital

I just got my shots! :D

I just got my shots! :D

I never thought I liked going to the hospital. I got a good impression of the hospital (even though the things are not quite impressive and the building is too), the person who assisted me was kind so I liked it. But when she was not assisting me, I observed the hospital. I don’t know why but I really liked hospitals. I don’t want to be nurses or doctors but I liked the aura hospitals give me. I just like it.

So I was interviewed then I got my number then I was weighed and stuff for basic things. Then I was checked by a very kind doctor. I was happy how those who assisted me were in a good mood. I liked it. Then I was checked if I was allergic to the anti-tetano thing. I don’t really know what was injected to me but my mother knows it. I always forget it. She says it then moments later I forget the name again. But anyways, I was injected with the real thing when it was seen I wasn’t allergic to it. Then tomorrow, I will go back to have the real real thing, anti-rabies. My mother and friends told me it will hurt. Just wish me well!!!



Well then, wish me luck! :D


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