Bitten By This Freaking Dog

Oh yes. I was freaking bitten by the freaking big black dog! I don’t know what breed is that but it was definitely big and ugh! It’s frightening!

So I was on my way to buy something for my outing tomorrow. Then when I was thought I was safe, this dog attacked me. It didn’t really bit me. I only got scratches and everything. But the thing is, I don’t if I would say this to my parents or not. Definitely, when I say this to them, they would freak out and won’t let me to go to the outing tomorrow. But since I’ve spent so much for this outing (almost Php500 for the tee and two-piece swimsuit, another Php500 for the Avon sunblock, almost Php200 for the shades), I can’t and definitely will not let this pass. So I decided not to tell this to my parents. (Don’t follow my example. That is very wrong.) It kind of hurt but I’m definitely sure the dog didn’t really bit me. There were only scratches and stuff (thankfully!). So yeah. I really didn’t tell it to my parents.

But beside the “wound”, what I hated was the aftereffect of the attack. I was quite afraid of our dogs already. When it will step up to my lap, I was kind of afraid. I hated that. I don’t like being afraid from my own dogs. That freaking dog made me like this. He shall be assassinated! Just kidding. But really. I don’t like it. I was quite afraid too because some of my friends told me to have shots for it even though I wasn’t really that bitten and even though they are only scratches. But I can’t do that for now. I want to go tomorrow. TSK!


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