I would like to know…

I’ve been thinking for a while… How would you know if you love a person? Please don’t refer to family kind of love. That is very different from what I’m referring. How would you know if you came to the point of love and not like anymore? How would you assure to yourself that indeed, you love this person? Love is such a heavy word for me. So I would like to know what love is.

You see, there is a very thin line between love and REALLY like. They are different. They will never be alike. Some people get to trouble because they thought they love this person but in the end, it is just they REALLY like the person. And I don’t want to belong to those people. That is why I want to know what love is. Some people would answer this and that. But how would you differentiate the feeling of love and REALLY like. I want to know the difference. Maybe it is easy to say. But how about the feelings? How would you differentiate the feelings? How would you know if it’s already love? When can you say that you are already at the point of loving?

I can only differentiate the two when things are already done. Love is true… somehow like that. But REALLY like? It can fade. You can turn your liking to another person. But not love. When you a love this person, no matter how much you try to look at other people, you still love this person. But in like, when you see someone better, you will like this person more than the previous person you liked. In love, no matter how worse the person is and there are someone better, you would choose that person because you love him. Things are different. But that is when you already knew if you love or REALLY like that person. But how about before? How would you know? How would you know?

I really want to know. I want to know.


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