Just felt writing it…

What is this I’m feeling?
Is this what people call love?
Or am I just liking you?
No. I just like you.
I don’t love you.
Like, not love.
It must be like, not love.

But why do I force myself
To be the one you notice
To be the one you see
I’ve told myself to stop
But deep inside me I know
It’s what I wanted
To be beautiful in your eyes
To be yours

Of course, that’s impossible.
I like you but you like her
And the foolish me even helped
Became the bridge between the two of you
How foolish am I
Hiding my pains behind the smile
Because that’s all I could do
To make you happy
Not in my side, but hers.



Ignore me please. I just felt saying those things. It’s not a song. Not a poem. I don’t think so. But I just typed away! xD Let it be.

But those were my feelings right now. A little bit of the past too. But anyway, it’s okay. Leave comments, okay? :D


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