Busy One

Hey!!! It’s been long right? I know. I know. I’ve been really busy these past weeks. I had so many things I had in mind regarding my school. I’ve had so many business to do and finish. One is our play, Les Miserables. Another is the so many projects that my professors are so lovingly giving us as if we don’t have anything to do except that. Yeah. They love it.

Okay. I’m not really going continue on writing until I had my vacation. Up until now, I’ve been busy with things. Actually, I’m having my final exams this week until next week. And right now, I’m in one of my classmate’s house, doing photo shoot for the documentation of our play… which is LES MISERABLES!!! So that means I’m still pretty busy with things… Sooooo I’ll see you again some other time. I just had the time so I blogged. I actually missed it. soooo rock on!!! :)


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