Reason why I stay up all night…

So yeah. There’s something that happened that lead me to not doing anything at all that I am happy about. I don’t want to share it here as there are could be a possibility the person involved may read this and could be angry at me. So yeah…

But what happened today is related to why I’m staying up all night.

No. That is definitely not the reason why I stay up late at night. But that is definitely possibly correct. Yeah. I don’t want to reason out here but that could be correct.

Anyways! The true reason why I stay up at night.

During that late at night, my parents are already asleep. Meaning, I’m the only one awake during that time (with the exception of my sister when she’s around). Meaning, I’m alone. And I like being alone. I’m the kind of person who gives importance to what others have to say of me. So when someone’s around, even if it’s my family, I have to put up some image of mine that is not really me. So I really like when I’m alone. There’s no one to mind but me. There’s no one to rely on but me. It’s me and it’s my world. Not theirs, mine. So I like that.

But staying up all night, doing nothing, it’s really nothing. I mean, I don’t like staying up late at night doing nothing. So I use the internet. Not just the computer, it’s the internet. Why do I stay up just for the net? Okay. The world in the internet is super big and wide and… yeah. It’s like that. And in the internet, I’m free. I am me. I could have the freedom I couldn’t get from this reality. It’s my safe place.

So… yeah.

I wish the people involved in here could read it. I wish they could understand. :(


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