Go Dok Mi & Me

Weeeelll, if you don’t like Kdramas or anything related to the great K, I guess this post isn’t for you. I know I just posted something promoting the very cute drama Flower Boy Next Door. I‘m not promoting it again but… Ok. I’m promoting it again. But this time, I’m focusing on the main female lead, Go Dok Mi played by Park Shin Hye.
She’s this modern rapunzel. She hides in her room and is afraid to go outside. She’s afraid to see people, to talk to people, to meet people. Her precious room is like her comfort zone and outside her door is a war she is so willingly not to go. She is smart especially on the literary sense. She became like this for she had a trauma when she was in high school. You have to watch the drama. I won’t tell you what. Watch it! It’s really nice. 
Because of how she is, I really noticed how I am. I’m not that good as Go Dok Mi. But somehow, there are similarities. I like to hid in my room. I like facing my computer and my computer only. My life is much better inside my house. I’m not afraid to people but I’m better on my own. I’m better living on my own. Yeah. Somehow like that. And I like the comparison. It’s just, it’s fun being this. I just wish there would an Enrique who would bring me out of here. If you don’t know Enrique, I told you to watch. It’s really nice. :D

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