Treats for Kids

I’m not sure why but I’m fond of giving those treats to children. I mean, whenever I have extra money, I buy them something from the store and give them those. I mean, they like those treats. And seeing those smiles in their faces because you gave them those treats is just so pure and childish that it’s really nice to see. I know some of those treats aren’t really good for them since most of it are just sweets or things like that, but they like it!!!

Okay. Here goes my psych attitude once again.

I’m thinking that it’s still connected to my childhood. I was this little child deprived of things and such and just stayed inside the house. I think because I wasn’t able to have those things when I was a child, I pour it all out right now. It’s like compensating to my loss when I was a kid. Well, at least I’m making them happy. At least, there won’t be any feeling of deprivation when they grew older because this kind of things were already given to them. At least, they won’t be like me.


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