Those Normal Boring Days


I hate days like these. There’s nothing special. It’s plain.

But somehow, I like it. I mean, I hate it because at the end of the day, there’s really nothing special and it’s as if it slapped my face that I just wasted another day when I could do something much better. But on the contrary, it’s fine because it’s my normal days. It’s normal. But the thing is I don’t want it to be just normal. I want everyday to be special in a way another day in my life isn’t. I want everyday unique. Okay. I just formulated that now, just now. Do I really want everyday to be unique? Hmmmm… Yeah. Having something special everyday would make life exciting. Yes. My life is pretty much boring so having those thrills would be good. Yeah. I think I’ll try that. Make something everyday. Something remarkable for the day. Hmmmmm… That’s a good idea.

I’m talking to myself. Please bear with me. This is the effect of having a boring normal day. So you! You reader! You should make something special everyday too so that you won’t be crazy like me! xD

(But anyways, if you’re talking to yourself, it’s actually fine. It’s our therapy after a stressful or something like this days. It’s kind of good. Or if you talk to others. Or whatever form of talking. It’s proven in psychology. It’s called talk therapy. Talking things out can make you feel better. I’m a psychology student and that came from my psychology professor so that’s pretty much reliable. :D)


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