Envy That Brotherly Love

It’s not that recently, but it’s not that long ago too that I have realized that I really envy those people with older brothers or even younger once. Those type of brothers who’s overprotective or really sweet or any gesture that just shows that they really love their sister.

So why did I suddenly thought of this? This afternoon, there was this thing that happened with my classmate and she was sent to the school clinic. Of course, we are worried so we contacted her brother. Then when I went to check on my friend, her brother is there already. And there I saw how he worries about his sister. And I freaking envy that!!! I mean, I know when I’m in my friend’s situation, I’ll feel irritation on how he would act but thinking of it, it’s kind of sweet. Them, worrying about you because they love you. And I really envy that.

I have my sis and she’s sweet too. But of course, females acts differently as males. So an older bro would be different from an older sis. But I’m fine with my sis. She’s cool. But really, I envy those who have older brothers. Or even younger once. As long as they are not the annoying type. xD

Speaking of brothers, I do have a brother. But he’s dead. It was a looooong time ago so it’s okay. Besides, I didn’t even know him. He was born 1990 and he is the first child of my parents. He died when he was three days old so neither me nor my sister knew him. But if in case he lived, my sister won’t be the one here on earth since she’s born 1991. You know. My parents believe in the family planning. But anyways, I just wonder if he did live. I wonder if he’ll be the overprotective type of brother, the sweet brother, the i-don’t-give-about-you brother or just brother. I don’t know. He didn’t live. How would I know? I’m just wondering.


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