Meal with Friends… and Something Serious

If you ask me what’s my favorite fast food meal, I think one of the food I will say would Double Cheeseburger. I especially like McDonald’s. I’m not sure with others since I’ve stayed loyal with McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger. I really like it. Since there’s cheese and I really like it. I don’t know how to describe my liking to it but I just like it. So I ate that when my friends and I ate there after class. That could be considered dinner already since our class lasts until 7 PM. It was fun being with them so carefree.

Well, of course we’re not all fun. After the meal, the real purpose of that get together was done. We had a meeting for a project that the whole class will be making. I am the assistant director of that project. The general director was also there so we used that opportunity to do things up, fix schedules and talk about stuff. That really is interesting. It’s fun ’cause I got damn serious about it. If you could just see me! I’m serious! Not angry serious. Work serious! It’s interesting. Really interesting~

Anyway, that lasted until 9:30 PM. I almost wouldn’t be able to go home since the jeepney I rode would be the last trip. But then, God is still good. I am able to ride it. Some men were kind enough to give their space to females and just sabit to the jeep. I came home around 10 PM. It was a tiring day but a fulfilling one. I felt there’s so many things I’ve done today. :)


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