I Could Do This!

If you are a regular reader of my blog, I’ve mentioned once that I have my goals for 2013. And that still stands. But I’m not. You see, I’ve set this goals for me to follow. I was kind of frustrated that I’m not following it. Everything is easy. It’s just me. I know that humans, us, we naturally resist change. But I really want to change. I’m not saying I’m bad at so many things. It’s just that I want to improve at so many things. Especially that this year would be the year I would legal. I’ll turning 18 this year and with that, I want to mature in so many things. I want to do so many things that would satisfy myself and that I could say, it’s okay to be 18 already. I’m ready and stuff. But nothing’s happening. I’m not moving with my goals. I’m not progressing.

But there’s this thing I heard from somewhere. What you say, you become. So I’m saying, I could do this because I could! I believe myself! I believe I can do this. And I would do this! It’s too early to judge my failure. So I shouldn’t give up! I COULD DO THIS!


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