The Only “Laurice” in the World

When I was a kid, I thought that I am the only living creature on earth that bears the name Laurice. I thought it was so uncommon that only my parents would have thought of it. And people will be so “WOW~!” when they hear the name Laurice. I was so proud I bear such name.

But then I saw in TV a director who is also Laurice. I started to be disappointed with the name until hearing that there is another name Laurice, I would be interested who she is but not as appealing as before. Today, I personally knew two other Laurice‘s. One is Paola Laurice. The other one has the exact same first name as I do, Jan Laurice. It’s just amazing that so many took the same name when I thought, as a kid, that I am the only Laurice in the world.


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