It’s MY Turn!

In our church, we have a youth ministry. In our ministry, we have what we call the coordinators. They are considered the “presidents” of the “club”. My sister was a coordinator before I officially labeled her the black sheep of the family. (That’s a different story and somehow related here but it’s not necessary to tell you because I think you may understand what I’ll be saying without that.) That was at my high school but then, things got messy and we need to reorganize the officers. Another took the position. And now, the ministry got sloppy again. The one who replaced my sister told me that I should take the position. He said he is a better supporter rather than a leader. And I do have a potential to be the group’s leader. That’s what he said. So, starting today, I am officially appointed to be the acting coordinator of the ministry.

When I was a kid and I could see how the ministry was handled during those times, I always tell myself that if ever I would be leading the youth ministry I would do differently as they did. I would do this and that instead of this and that. And now that I AM leading them, I don’t even remember what I planned during those times! And since I criticized how the ministry was during those times, I was also quite afraid that someone would criticize my leadership, that during my leadership, things will go differently as I wanted it to be and it will just end up like how it did in the past. Then, I would be disappointed AGAIN with the ministry which is under my leadership. I just wish things go better. But I know God will help me, then, everything will be fine. :)


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