Intruder Alert

No. Not aliens. Not terrorists. Only relatives.

The truth is I don’t like having relatives around. I don’t hate them but I don’t like them around me. I’m not the type of relative who would welcome you and all that just because you are my relative. When we see each other on the street, I’ll just smile at you. I won’t talk to you because I hate talking to people too. Well, I hate it because we don’t really know each other. It’s kind of awkward. I grew up only with my first family and those relatives, I just meet them when my parents make me to. I don’t meet them out of my own choice. You’re getting what I mean?

More likely that I will prioritize my friends rather than my relatives. That’s me. I don’t hate them. But I’m not really familiar with them. So they are better off my radar. People tell their relatives that they’re not really other people when they do favor for them. Not for me. They ARE other people for me. They are better than other people but not really far different from them. I just don’t like them around. I’m better alone with my first family or really alone by myself.


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