Tomorrow will be our CAS Day. CAS meaning College of Arts and Sciences. It’s the college I belong in my university. And part of the celebration for the CAS Day is having a CAS shirt. And we already ordered it a long time already! And until now, when the CAS Day is already tomorrow, our ordered shirt is STILL NOT WITH US AND STILL NOT THERE!!!

There’s so many delays in the orders of shirt. Actually, we have already experienced a trauma (just an expression) with ordering shirts and all that. When we were in our first year, the students who are taking the same course organized a group and planned to make an i.d. lace and a shirt. Both had a problem. Only some got the i.d. lace. None got the shirt, instead we had a refund. So every time we (Actually, it’s only me. I’m not sure with the others.) are going to order something from an organization or a group especially when it’s a organizational shirt, we’re kind of sensitive.

When they announced that shirt thing, we actually thought of the former incident we had. We’re actually not sure if we will order it or something. But since friends do, I do. So we ordered. That was still last semester. I ordered on the assigned days we should order for the shirt and I paid on the actual day. When there were shirts already, it’s still not complete. There are still shirts that are lacking. When I want to get mine, there’s no more shirt of that size I order that is available. Then they made me order once again as if I ordered on the second batch, which I didn’t. So another waiting. Now, they said that our ordered shirt should be gathered already then it’s not there. So we came the next day, which is today, to check if the shirts came already which they announced that it will. But then they told us the shirts will come on later. Then we came again on lunch. No again. Then they told us to come back at this time. No again. They even told us to come back tomorrow, which is the actual CAS Day and we don’t have any plans of going after what happened, to freaking get the freaking organizational shirt. My friend is already pissed because we’ve come back again and again and again. The receipt which we presented to them, she grabbed them and gave it to us as if showing she was freaking angry (And I think she really intended to.). Then she asked if we could just refund just like what we did in the incident before. No freaking reaction. I think a refund would just be fine since the shirt’s purpose is for the CAS Day. And we’re not going since we don’t have the freaking shirt and we don’t have a freaking class so going would just be a waste for money. So the shirt won’t any of use anymore when we get it by Thursday. So it’s freaking nonsense already.

Whatever. It just pissed me. Anyways, I’m used to this. Getting all pissed. So whatever. What’s done is done. We’ll just see what happens on Thursday.


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