So Humiliating

So we had an activity for my Speech Communication class and it’s soooo humiliating!!!
The thing is that we have to present the topics that our professor has given us. My group’s topic is Formal vs. Informal Communication using either Public Communication and/or Mass Media. So here’s what we’ve done. We used the President’s SONA to present the Formal Communication while we had a talk show for Informal Communication. What’s the humiliating part there? I was the host of the talk show. And to be the host, I need to be talkative, active and all that. I’m not those in the real life. I may be loud at times but I’m not the type of person who will gain interest from people around me just because I talked. I’m not even good at making a joke. So at first, I don’t really know if I could go through with what we are planning. But the thing ended. And I’m so different. I mean, I really consider that humiliating. I just humiliated myself! I was doing those things I’m not. I’m so talkative. I’m so loud. My voice is really high pitch. Well, even though, it’s humiliating, it’s fun. And everyone had fun. And I think, I did well. And what I did was just normal for people who are competitive for grades in our class. So I don’t think other people think I’m humiliating. But I still think I’m humiliating. I hate it. But it’s fun. Whatever.

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