Advance Birthday Wish

I know my birthday is still far far away. Today is still November and my birthday is still on April. That’s still far. But for me, I need to tell my parents already my wishes. I know my parents are on a budget and for them to buy me something, I have to tell them earlier because they still have to save for it. And my incoming birthday would be my debut birthday. I don’t like having a debut party because I don’t really like parties and all that. So in exchange, I get myself some material things. Some people may say that material things are not important in a man’s life. What a person should mind is his health, his family or whatever is that. But! But! But! I’ve got all of those on the right path. And I’m contented with those aspects. But in this aspect, the material ones, I’m not. I’m the good kid and as long as I could live without getting those material things, I force myself not to. I don’t self-indulge even though I could. So, in the end, material things is what I want in my debut birthday.

What are those material things? I actually made a list. I included having a brace. Then that would go along with either a digital camera, a voice recorder, Samsung Galaxy S3 or any Samsung phone with touch screen, mountain bicycle, or a motorcycle. I actually had the digital camera as my priority along with the braces. So that’s what I told my parents. I told them I’d like a digital camera and the braces. I even told them that it’s unfair for them not to give those when they gave my sister a brand new laptop, which she just broke so easily. And the brace thing, I told them I really hated my teeth, which is the truth. Ever since I was a kid, I hate my teeth that when I laugh, I cover my mouth just to cover my teeth. Some of my friends see that as being so feminine and all that but I hate it! I really hate it.

Anyways, at the end, they agreed to grant it to me. Maybe they thought it would really be unfair not to give it to me when they’ve given my sister’s wish. Yeah. They agreed already. No backing out! YEAH!


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