Treasured to Lost

Today was a little depressing for me. I have this friend and in this post, we’ll call that friend Gina. She’s one of the people that I really really treasure. She always tells jokes, always laughs, always smiles and very transparent. She’s still like that today except to me. She doesn’t laugh with me, ignores me, frown at me. When I join their conversation, she suddenly stops laughing and turns the other side.

At first, I’m not sure if she’s angry at me or what. I kept asking my another friend what Gina’s problem is. She just told me to ignore it. I thought she really have a problem. But at the end, I already saw her laughing at some of my friends. I figured she is fine already. But when I joined the conversation, there! She ignored me and stuff. After seeing that, I knew it’s me. For the rest of the day, I stayed quiet. It’s better if she would have fun with friends other than me rather than be pissed when I talk. (MARTYR!!!)

Another thing I’m worried about is for tomorrow. Will she still be angry with me? Is it really me she’s angry at? Should I be approaching her already and ask what the problem is even though I’m not really sure if it’s really me? Should I still go with the gang where both of us will be together? AAARRRGGGH!!! I really don’t know what to do… (╥﹏╥)


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