Not an Actress

Did I shared before that we had a mini-play at school and I’m the lead actress? Well, if I haven’t, then I’m telling you now. I’m not a good actress so I really don’t know if I did well. But there something that slapped my face and really told me, “You’re no good actress, girl!”

Well, we had an activity at my Speech Communication class. We are to use our face, hand and body, eyes, and head and body to express the statements given to us. Well, during our activity, I realized something. For you to be able to use those properly to express things, you must be a good actor. I mean, if you can express that, you are an effective actor/actress. A good actor/actress can make you feel whatever he/she needs to feel as the character. And I think, I’m not good at using those in expressing. I’m not good at expressing things. So I think I’m not a good actress. So I just wonder if what I did in our mini-play was just fine. I mean, are they okay with what I did? Would there be someone who would do better than me? I’m just anxious of what some people say during those times. What are they thinking? Did they think I’m no good? Did they think I shouldn’t be the lead actress? It just make me think.


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