Rules are Rules!

When I came to school, there were so many people outside the gates of my school. I thought the line was so long but then I noticed there is no line. I don’t know the problem why they can’t go inside. I saw the guard on duty checked on the uniform of the student before me. She was not allowed to go inside. I think the problem is with her uniform but I’m not really sure what. I was kind of nervous when I lined up. I’m wearing my P.E. uniform and I’m don’t know if that’s fine (even though I’ve been doing that for the past year already). So I tried and got in.

When I saw my classmates, I told them about the situation in the school gate. They told me the security suddenly became strict. There are rules in the uniform. Sometimes, students repair their slacks. Some repair it that it looks like a skinny jeans. That is wrong. If the slacks are repaired, it should just be straight. Just like how the original design is. It’s a good thing my mother made it right. :D


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