That is my life statement. Bow! LOL!

Since classes started, I’ve been really stressed and easy to be stressed about things around me. Just thinking about what I should be doing, I’m already stressed. Just a little tweek on my usual routine, I’m stressed. just a small mistake, I’m stressed. I think too much. my mind is already tired from the class schedule so I think thinking too much easily stresses me.

I really experienced it today during my laboratory class in Biochemistry. We’re doing stuff and I don’t really know how to properly do everything. I’m actually used to having one of my friends lead the experiment and I just follow then I’ll be the one doing the mental stuff like answering some questions or things like that. So doing both of that without someone helping me is new to me. And stressing. So the experiment started and STRESS!!! We broke two evaporating dish which should be broken because it’s an evaporating dish but anyway we broke it. Fudge! Stress! I hate labs!



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