I Effing Hate P.E.

I just fudging hate Physical Education.

I hate anything related to sports.Ever since I studied, my weakness is Physical Education (P.E.). I’m not the sporty type of student. I’m always on the academic side. And I know in myself, I’m no good at any sport you make me do. Maybe I could dance. ONLY THAT! Any other sport, I’m a failure. And i proved that today. No. Not only today. Every time I had my P.E. this semester.

I don’t know if I already posted about this but I had Table Tennis for my P.E. this semester. I really wanted to take Arnis (using two long and not so thick sticks to fight another, use google) because I know that’s definitely easier. Unlike Table Tennis, you have to do this to the ball or things like that. I hate sports especially with balls.

Anyways, I got my report card for this semester. And I passed all my subjects. But my P.E. grade was a pain in the ass. I mean, I passed and my grade is fine. But because of that grade in P.E., I can’t get any scholarship. For us to have the scholarship, our grades should not be lower than 2.00 for Partial Scholarship and 1.75 for full scholarship. But my grade in P.E. is 2.25!!! Without that 2.25, I could even get the full scholarship. But because of that P.E… you know what I mean.

Actually, it’s okay if I can’t get that scholarship since I can use Employee’s Discount which is just like an equivalent to Full Scholarship. But, having something like partial or full scholarship recorded in my transcript would be great especially when I’m working. So I just hate it. And I hate sports. UGH!


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