The Wonder of His Works

For you make me glad by your deeds, Lord; I sing for joy at what your hands have done.

– Psalm 92:4

We have a hummingbird feeder outside our home. I have often watched in amazement at how these little creatures can hover like a helicopter. It’s as if they are suspended in midair by some imaginary thread. Upon closer observation, you can see the blur of their wings moving at a rate of up to 78 time per second. That’s incredible! That is the wonder of His works. I stand in awe!

Let’s slip into the prayer closet of Joseph Hall as he meditates and writes of the wonder of God.

The longer I live, O my God, the more do I wonder at all the works of Your hands. I see such admirable skill in the very least of all Your creatures. I am more and more astonished every day in my observations.

I do not have to look so far as heaven for something marvelous, while I have but a spider in my window, or a bee in my garden, or a worm under my foot. Every one of these overcomes me with a similar amazement – yet can I see no more than their outsides. Their inward form, which give their being and operations, I cannot pierce into. The less I can know, O lord, the more let me wonder; and the less I can satisfy myself with marveling at Your works, the more let me adore the majesty and omnipotence of You who created them.

I encourage you today to focus on the things you take for granted. Behold His creation, marvel at the detail, allow yourself to be carried away by the wonder of His works.

from: Daily Awakening by Stephen Hill, October 19



I say:

I didn’t know hummingbirds could flap their wings that fast. I mean, I know it’s fast but not that fast. AMAZING! :D

Anyways, there are always things I wonder how they were made or how they work. And if there are answers to questions that are not yet known, I would always think and tell myself that it is not yet within human mind’s reach. I mean, God already knew it. He made it. But us, we still need to work hard just for us to know it. And when those answers are revealed, think how amazing everything is. Just think of the cell. It is really really really small but still, it has parts inside it that just makes me wonder how God engineered them on us, on everyone, on everything. That’s the way He is, amazing.



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