Working for God

But God is my King from long ago; he brings salvation on the earth.

– Psalm 74:12

Without the deep work of the Holy Spirit, there is absolutely no way a mere man can convince another man of his sinful state. It is God who is in the business of saving souls. Every true Christian is nothing more and nothing less than an employee of His business. Andrew Murray’s words should inspire you to a greater appreciation of your Boss.

The work of saving souls is God’s own work. None but He can do it. The gift of His Son is the proof of how great and precious He counts the work, and how His heart is set upon it. His love never for one moment ceases working for the salvation of men. And when He calls His children to be partners in His work, He shares with them the joy and the glory of the work of saving and blessing men. He promises to work His work through them, inspiring and energizing them by His power working in them.

Every time I see someone weeping over their sinful condition, every time I see someone run to the altar for forgiveness, and every time I hear their victorious testimony of how God has set them free, I am reminded that this can only be done through the power of Jesus Christ. As an evangelist, I find myself overwhelmed at the incredible success of God’s business.

I close with this bit of instruction from Andrew Murray; you might call it your “work ethic”:

Let every worker learn to say: As the power that worked in Christ, let that power work no less in me. There is no possible way of working God’s work aright, but God working it in us.


I say:

In one of my subjects in school, there once said that the human’s will won’t ever happen without God’s help. I would always agree with it. I always believe that God is the one making the path of our everyday life. It is only our free will (which He also gave) which gave us the choice to choose which path to take. Hence, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is done with His help. In connection to this post, our Boss, our God is the one who will help us. We must follow Him so that our work will be done well and fine. And disobeying Him would just lead to the downfall of our “company”. He won’t have any mistake because He is the only perfect Boss.


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