Dreams… Shouldn’t be like that.

I dreamt in the morning. It kind of made my heart beat really fast and hard. It was only in the dream yet my heart beating seems so true. So here’s the dream…

There was this guy, won’t tell you his real name but we’ll call him Joe. He is the reason of my heart beating fast and loud. (AYIEEEEH!!!) And there’s another guy and I hate him. He gave me too much problems until now. We’ll call him Gab. Those were not their real names, of course. I won’t risk telling them in here for some of my friends already knew this blog and I don’t want them to know whom I am talking about. Don’t worry. You would still understand my dream even though I’m restraining in some points.

I was walking to my friends. There were seats on my right and I’m walking at its side. There sat Gab. He is trying to hide his face but I already saw his face. I just ignored him and continued walking. When I passed through that part where all of those boys sit, someone called me so I looked back. But then, no one came looking for me. So I ignored it and continued walking again. But then, someone called me again. I looked back and found Joe there. He held my wrist. Then he held my hand. It was kind of surprising because we’re not really in a relationship. Then he put his arms around my shoulder while still holding my hand. That time, I really felt my heart pound hard. I don’t know if it’s only in the dream but it pounded really hard it felt as if it really does. We walked to my friends still like that. Then I woke up.

I don’t know. But there were only two guys I felt like that in my dreams. It was kind of different but still a little bit same. The one before was that we’re preparing for our wedding. And now, this. I just don’t like the feeling that I would be falling for this guy. I know that I’ll just be hurt. But I don’t know. Maybe this is just another puppy love.





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