This Aura…

I don’t know why but my friends have been telling me that I have this aura for today. And it’s a different one from what they have seen from the past. They said, sometimes I would go grumpy, I would go happy-go-lucky, or super happy or feeling like a Korean or whatever. But today, it’s quite different. I don’t know why but I think they’re right. I’m feeling different now. I’m free. I’m not feeling heavy. My mind’s clear. Maybe this is the effect of me quitting the dance troupe. To tell you the truth that thing is quite giving me a burden. First of all, I’m feeling inferior. Second, it takes my time. Third, it gives me this heavy feeling in me that seems to be implying to me that I still need to finish a LOOOOT of things. And since I quit already and I’m decided, I think, at least, the burden wasn’t that heavy already. I guess, I think I’m free. That’s my aura for today. I’m free.


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