Decided to Quit

Some days ago, I was telling you guys that I was thinking of quitting the dance troupe. And now, I’ve decided and that would be to quit. I think the decision making was made easier for I was lazy to go out of the house and go there in the school with not much money, down heart and busy mind. I already told one of my friends in there (there are only two of them) that I would be quitting. I just wanted at least one of them to know that. It’s just saying goodbye. I was kind of happy I made a decision. But I know for a fact that there would be times I would be sad I did that (sad, not regret) and I would envy them when I see them practice or perform. I would be bitter seeing them dance. But nevertheless, I think the decision was a good one. First of all, I won’t need to go to school just because there is dance class. I was kind of guilty that I would be adding to the expenses of our house because I’m going to school and that needs transportation fee and my food. Second, if it’s time to go home, I could go home. There’s no need to be apart or go away from my friends during end of class for I would still be going to the dance class. Third, there is less responsibilities. I do a lot of things in life and the dance troupe would still add up. At least without the dance troupe in my mind, it seems that a big busy part of my mind relaxed. Fourth, I won’t feel that I’m an outcast in a family that let me enter but won’t make me join. Well, at least that what I feel. I have many reasons more but anyway. As a quotation says, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” And I’m willing to quit so there’s so many ways and reasons for it. I just wish I made the right decision.





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