Too Much is Bad

Don’t worry. I won’t be telling you stuff about health or anything like that. I don’t know if you are thinking of too much alcohol or smoking or too much love or too much work or whatever too much. I don’t really care about that for now. All I’m trying to say in this is that… I’VE GOT TOO MUCH OF THIS NO CLASSES!!! Yes. It is normal to like having no classes but for me, this is one too much. The truth is I don’t really like staying home and my escape is school. I had fun having no classes for the past two days but three days? I don’t like it anymore.
I wanted to go to school so much that I even dreamt of my classmates! We’re not in class but they are there as my classmates. We’re just outside our school. Not literally outside, in front outside. What I mean is we are still classmates in my dream and we’re not inside our school premises. Anyway, here’s the dream from what I remember:

I have a guy classmate [Raffy] and he is one of my closest friends. He told me to go to the PNB building that is in our town too. It was actually a bank but what’s in my dream, it’s an office for police or something alike that job. It’s almost closing time and there was not a single person in there. I came in and went to the computer. I placed the USB flash drive in the computer and started doing things in the computer as if I’m a hacker. Until then, I stopped realizing that I’m not a hacker and then someone came. It was dark and I tried to hide behind the table. Mind you, behind not below. That person looked and I hid thinking that person would still see me. Unbelievably, that person didn’t see me. I waited for a while and I heard the door open and closed. I thought that that person left already so I tried to look up only to find that she was still there staring down at me. I tried to hide again by ducking down more in the table as if there’s some difference. But she caught me. That’s the time I pleaded her that my friend told me to do it, that I won’t do it anymore and blah blah blah. When I saw her face, she seems someone very familiar. Then she talked to me saying she will forgive me and all. She said she knows I won’t really do it. Then she asked if I know her. I gave her a puzzling look. Then she told me to go to a room. When I went inside, I saw my neighbour [acting as that person’s husband] and my goddaughter [who is in real life the daughter of my neighbour and now acting as daughter of that person too]. It was then that I remembered that she was my grade school teacher [Teacher Carol]. Then she went inside and talked to me about blah blah blah. Then I left and expecting my female classmate [Jade] but she’s not there. I looked at the clock and it’s 2:00 in the afternoon. I remembered that my class will start at 2:30 so I went straight ahead fast so that I could go to school and not be late. While I was walking towards the terminal, I met someone. I don’t know her but it seems in my dreams I know her and she knows me too. She congratulated me because I was safe in that incident thingy. Then another came. In my dreams, she seems to be a sister of one of my classmates. They were holding cleaning materials because they were cleaning the streets before I came. They were worried for me because I was caught and then I was freed. Blah blah blah happened and I was awake!

I laughed when I woke up realizing the weirdness of my dream. Anyway, I wish there would be classes tomorrow. Sun showed up today a little so maybe we would have classes tomorrow… I hope!

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