More Mangas!

Yeah. We don’t have classes again! :D Actually, it’s nothing I should be really celebrating about. I really don’t have classes today. Rain or shine, I don’t have any schedule for today. So why am I celebrating? I don’t know… It’s just fun to think that these two consecutive day suspension of classes just lead to nothing really important or significant. When a person was freed from that heavy load and done with the heavy task, they are going to do the small things by then. It is that everything will be done early and such. I really wanted to do that today… but mangas kept me away! (LOL! I just blamed the manga! xD And I even related no classes to it!)

These were my recent reads… And I read all of these looooong mangas all at the same time. If I got tired of a story a bit, I’ll go to any other of those I chose. Anyways… here’s the mangas I’m reading.

Tsubasa Resorvoir Chronicles

I actually shared this to you before but anyways, I still included it in this list.

Air Gear

There’s one thing I just don’t like about this manga… There’s this PG-13 types of scenes. I just don’t like those scenes.

Full Metal Alchemist

I couldn’t really recall if my sis and I did finish watching this already… That’s why I decided to read this. :D

Detective Conan

I wondered how DC ended so I looked it up… only to find that it’s still ongoing. It’s really long. But not Bleach, Fairy Tale, One Peace, Naruto type long. But it’s almost there if I remember well. I’m amazed the mangaka (is that the right term for those who make manga?) managed to find cases and exciting solutions for each chapter!

Yakitate Japan

We had a DVD of this before but I don’t where it is now. So I decided to look this up. I finished watching it but I already forgot how it ended and such.

Too many mangas? It’s fine. I just read one at a time but just changes the manga I read if I feel to fed up with the story. xD


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